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Prose Poem; Adapting to Change

Life as I used to know it. Life as I know it now.
Why must it be this way?
Disoriented and confused, where am I? How did I possibly end up here?
I think back to the way it used to be. Back when things were easy and life was simple and I felt free as a bird.
I used to find the beauty in the smalls things.
I focus on the little things in life that keep me happy.
The little things were enough. But when things change, the years pass, people around me change, I change; it’s not. I see the world through a tunnel. The thing I want the most is right in front of my face, and everything behind it is out of focus. I blur it out like I’m just waking up from anesthesia. Only the difference now is you’re my anesthesia, and everything apart from you is blurry.
So when things changed, people changed, I changed, the one thing that didn’t change is you. Something I alone can decipher, someone I alone can understand. The light at the end of the tunnel as one might say.
It started as a distraction, intriguing to the point of mindlessness. Intrigued to the starting point, intrigued by the way the world shifts around you.
Now, in the end, I see the whole picture. Where I used to focus on one beautiful rose hidden among the entire painting, I now see the way the clouds illuminate the grass and brighten the mood.
So then is change a good thing? When your world shifts, should you too? When your feet aren’t touching the ground anymore, when all you see is up and there are no limits, no boundaries. When you grow up and there’s that one moment when you know things will never be the same, and that’s a good thing. The world changes, and if I don’t adapt too, what will I be left with? That’s when I go after it.

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