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le parti rabbia dell'oceano; Prose Poem

Sinking, while gravity pushed back down, envision a small brick tied to your ankle slowly pulling you back down. Drifting through the water, it rocks you back and forth. Your knees knocking together with the force of the waves, forgetting how to feel do to the numbing sinking in sharp needle’s, piercing your spine all at once. Tossing in the water, you begin to panic not knowing which way is up. The water rushes into your lungs and takes over. I’m drowning when I close my eyes, while falling. I can’t breathe tonight. I’m singing myself to sleep tonight, haunted by each memory. Which is true and which is false? The ice has settled under my ribs and nestled into my veins. Life is for living, in order to live you must feel alive. . The muscles begin to cramp; the blood is at halt through my veins. The oceans rough floor becoming more and more visible. Eye lids become heavy. No feeling of the sharp ridges of the rocks surrounding. Black, the shade experienced during shut eye, an aglow comparison to the dark shade appearing around me. Nature continues to take over. The heavy feeling begins to fade, seeping through the bitter ocean waters. Attain for the top. Reaching closer within each separate stroke taken. The Piercing waters begin to defrost the corpse inside out. Land is rushing near, sand sticking to the epidermis. Tossing through the shallow waters warmer water begins to surround my frame. Day breaks through the dark sky, and diminishes the storm. Slammed into the sand, my body begins to ache. My fingers begin to tingle, slowly getting the feeling back in them. Gasping for air, the water in my lungs begin to flee, oxygen fills my flooded lungs. I ask myself, “why am I alive?”, “why here?”, and “why now?” The falling sensation experienced during slumber pulls my body straight down. I open my eyes to find myself lying on the old wooden dock, looking out to sea.

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