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"The Road Of The Excess Leads To The Palace Of Wisdom."

The road of excess wills us to a place of wisdom. It's a place where we wish and needed to be but never really think hard enough to make it happen to be ours. What William Blake is trying to tell us is that if we take the road of excess, or if you're a Christian you might as will call this road and pathway, or picture this to look like narrow road and pathway, will lead us into this place where we get our reward and rest. In the Bible, from what I know, the reward is usually like a special type of crown that represent something you have done or sacrifice to walk on this road. One of the crowns that it is most well known is the Crown of Life. I remember this because it is also the symbol of my favorite color, yellow. On the other hand, if you are looking at this quote as human kind, like just normal people because you don't understand Christian or religious stuff, then this quote can be put into another example also. Going to school every day and stress out every night on your studying, then at the end you'll get your reward. Like getting your diploma after high school is an awesome reward. Getting a 4.0 or over. Especially, you get to go to your career that you have always wanted to be ever since you are a child. When William Blake says, 'the palace of wisdom', he meant Heaven. As you can see on this picture, the stairs is the road that William Blake is talking about here. And it is pretty narrow. Obviously this road (stairs) is very steep. At first glance or maybe the first couple steps you may have been already give up and if there is an elevator around then you might as well take the easy way. But this quote says 'The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.' this doesn't mean that only can the stairs can only reach the palace of wisdom, but receive the reward of faithfulness.

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