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'Blake Is My Homie': Good Technique & Organization

Looking on Mr. Keene’s blog and scrolling up and down on the student's blog page, I've found a lot of cool titles that catches my eyes but the one that I think is best and more understandable to me is 'Blake Is My Homie'. This blog is by students on B-Day in 7th period. I like how each of their blog is spread apart very neat. This helps me know right on way that who is who that is doing the assignment. And I like how they have the 'Williams Biography', 'Works cited', and 'Poem Mention in Post (Artistic Side of Blake)' on the top on the page that I can easily click on it and go on to where they show more information about who they got their information too and learn more about William Blake. Plus going back to the home page is very easy too. What I find that interesting me and funny was how they put up the same poem for 'Posts' as I did. About the 'Little Boy Lost' and 'Little Boy Found'. I was even gladder how they mention both poems together. I also like one of their prose poem called 'Alone'. It sound very unique and it touch me. I believe that there are many times in our life specially in the teens age must have been in this shoe before to understand the author pain and knowing what he or she is going through the same steps you been through. But life is life and the time doesn't wait. As time goes on we have to keep walking along everyone else also.  Last but not least I like how I can share their page to Facebook because they have this tiny bar to click and share. As far as I see they don't have any videos yet. I say this blog is important because it show a lot of information about William Blake and it have proves of where they got their information from. And everything of their blog is very neat. To those who know nothing about Romanticism or William Blake (my homie) should go onto this website and read it for yourself because everything in your world of knowing more about Romanticism will start to click like bright yellow light bulb.

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